Consultation about Others

“I want to stress how important it is that all of us take care of ourselves
and also look out for each other as members of a campus community.
When we are aware of someone who is in distress,
we demonstrate compassion when we extend ourselves
to that person, rather than ignoring the need.
This is what it means to be a caring community.” 

--President David Skorton


Each of us has opportunities take an active part in this caring community, to advance the health and well-being of its members. And at times, we may have the responsibility to recognize when people are hurting, in trouble, jeopardizing work, or putting other people at risk. 

Knowing what to say and do when a friend, family member, colleague, employee, or student is struggling can make all the difference.

FSAP staff can talk with you — confidentially — by phone or in person to listen to your concerns, help assess the situation, and make recommendations for conversations, strategies, intervention, or support.

If ever you feel a situation is, or might become, an emergency, do not hesitate to call 911 (or, to reach the Cornell Police directly, 607 255-1111).

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